Have you heard about our improved $CROS emission protocol?


Croswap is a community-driven, multi-chain DEX that is optimized to run on any EVM-compatible blockchain network.

Croswap has a modular design that allows for efficient development and network-specific customizations. This means that both consumers and builders can access deep, reliable, and flexible liquidity using our unique infrastructure. Instead of following the conventional method of developing DEXs, Croswap focuses on offering a novel approach that places emphasis on speed, security, performance, and usability.

Our Core Products


Trade assets without centralized exchanges on Croswap - all transactions routed directly through your decentralized wallet, ensuring complete asset ownership.


Effortlessly earn additional rewards by staking $CROS tokens in our Pools, and maximize your earnings.

Yield Farms

Stake your LP tokens and earn $CROS and $esCROS rewards, maximizing your returns. Our time-locked functionalities further increase your immediate yield, making the most of your investment.


From unlocking premium features to accessing exclusive rewards, our NFTs provide unique value and utility that traditional art can't match.


Engage in multiple gamification aspects within our ecosystem, including hijacking, battleship, sporting events, and raffles - providing fun and exciting opportunities for everyone to participate in.


Seamlessly transmit $CROS tokens to other networks without hidden fees using our reliable and secure bridge, enabling easy and affordable borderless transfers.