# Branding & Logos

# Identity Guidelines

Our Brand Identity as a leading market innovator is a powerful asset. As a leading innovator, CroSwap enjoys a unique position as a premium brand. We proudly develop and support some of the most innovative, trustworthy and professional products in the industry. Our customer base, which includes traders, investors and project administrators, depend on us for our product quality and performance.

Our logo represents our brand name and our multi-faceted integration into multiple chains and projects.

Our Logo is:

  • Our primary way to signify our presence in the crypto world
  • Used in consumer and business facing materials whenever possible as the first port of call
  • Our visual lighthouse for the crypto and tech environments
  • Designed to work on light and dark backgrounds for print and digital formats

Use the official assets provided below. Our assets include:

  • Logos:
    • full logos, secondary logos, and icons
  • Color palette:
    • primary and secondary colors
  • Typography:
    • font styles, sizes, and spacing

# Proper Use

  • Logo Clearspace:
    • Keep the area around the logo relatively clear
    • Minimum clearspace: 1/3 of the logo’s width
    • No other logos, type or other graphic elements should infringe on its space.
  • Sizing:
    • Scale and proportion are determined by the available space, aesthetics, function and visibility.
    • There is no maximum size for the CroSwap logo.
    • Digital: 40 px height minimum
    • Print: 0.4 inches height minimum
  • Lockup Clearspace:
    • Minimum clearspace should be ½ of the logo’s height.

For information on other uses of our Brand Assets, please reach out at [email protected]

# Improper Use

  • Do not reproduce or alter the CroSwap logo.
  • Don’t use the wordmark by itself.
  • Don’t change the spacing in the wordmark.
  • Don’t pick your own colors.
  • Don’t outline.
  • Don’t add effects.
  • Don’t recreate using different fonts.
  • Don’t create co-brand lockups.

# Let's Discuss a Few Things

We are very proud of our brand and we hope that you are just as excited.

  • We are helpful and intend on making crypto a better place.
  • We love this industry and celebrate the people that work in it.
  • We project confidence and pride that comes from being an innovator, but we don’t gloat or bash other projects.

Please don’t let our excitement carry you too far and misuse our logo or name. Some examples could include:

  • Mixing or altering our logo or name to fit your project.
  • We want to be friends but don’t use our name to imply support of your project unless you are a certified business partner.