Development Docs

Router Contracts

Whether you're testing your implementation on our testnet or mainnet, you can use our routers to ensure seamless connectivity on any of our supported networks.

Simply choose the appropriate router for the network you're using, and you're good to go! Happy testing!

When listing with Croswap and creating a new pair on our DEX, you have two options for seeding your initial liquidity, depending on whether you are already listed on another DEX.

Migrating an Existing Pair from Another DEX

When using existing LP, you can remove liquidity from the other dex and make a new pair with the same number of tokens you got from that transaction. This ensures that the price across both dexes remains the same.

You can also use new funds instead of taking liquidity from another pair. However, you must use the same token ratio as the other dex. If the ratio of tokens is not the same, arbitrage bots will most likely take advantage of the price differences, resulting in funds being drained.

Creating a Brand New Liquidity Pair

To create a new liquidity pair, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the token you want to pair your new token with. This is typically a stablecoin or another popular cryptocurrency that is widely used.
  • Determine the price you want your token to launch at. This will be based on the current market value of the token you are pairing with, as well as the initial supply of your token.
  • Calculate the ratio of tokens you will need to supply to create the liquidity pair. For example, if you want to launch your token at a price of $0.25 and you are pairing it with USDC, you will need to supply a ratio of 4 times as many of your tokens as USDC tokens.
  • Disable transfers on your token to prevent someone from setting the price of your token before you do.
  • Add a whitelist-only mode that restricts sending and receiving addresses. Whitelist only the address for seeding the LP and the Croswap router address to send and receive.
  • Create the liquidity pair with a small fraction of your funds in the correct ratios as discussed above.
  • Once the price has been established and you are satisfied with it, you can then add the remaining funds to the liquidity pair.
  • Finally, you can enable transfers again and disable the whitelist-only mode. This will enable trading for your pair on the exchange, so only do this when you are ready to begin live trading.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your price will match your desired price and that your liquidity pair is set up properly.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your token pair on Croswap. Please go back to your original listing ticket and send us the following:

  • Token image (format: SVG)
  • Token name (full name)
  • Token symbol
  • Token decimals
  • Token Economics (if applicable)
  • Pair creation transaction hash
  • Relevant token social media assets, such as:
    • Backgrounds
    • Mascot
    • Etc...
  • Relevant social media platforms

Once received, we will check to make sure that the information about your token is correct and then prepare to add it to our official list of tokens.