Universal Router

Universal Router

Our Universal Router is a powerful tool for performing trades across multiple token types. It’s an ERC20 swap and liquidity router that provides users with greater flexibility and control over their trades.

Our flexible command style allows us to provide users with:

  • Splitting and interleaving of Croswap trades
  • Partial fills of trades
  • Wrapping and Unwrapping of ETH
  • Time-bound, signature controlled token approvals using Permit2
  • Allows users to perform 'Swap and Add'

One of the most innovative features of our Universal Router is 'Swap and Add,' which allows users to form liquidity with only a single token in a single transaction. This eliminates the need for multiple transactions or complex trading strategies, making it easier for users to manage their assets on Croswap.

The flexibility of the Universal Router is essentially endless. We can support nearly any series of commands in any orientation, allowing for typically complex or time-consuming tasks to be done in a single transaction. This saves users time and money, and makes it easier to manage their portfolios.

In the future, users can expect even more functionality from the Universal Router, such as Swap to Farm, Swap to Pool, or even aggregating sales from an NFT marketplace or other AMM DEXs in a single transaction. By using our Universal Router, users can take advantage of the latest innovations in decentralized trading and gain greater control over their assets.