How To Trade

How To Trade

Getting Setup to Trade

Ready to start trading? Before you do, make sure you have a wallet that's compatible with the network you're using.

Additionally, you'll need some native tokens for the specific network you're trading on. Make sure you have these tokens in your wallet before placing any trades.

Trading on the Croswap Exchange

This example is from the Cronos Chain. Operations will be similar on each chain.

  1. First you will want to go to the exchange page here.
  2. Connect your wallet by clicking Connect Wallet.
  1. Choose a token that you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the "Exchanging From" section (highlighted in red below). The default setting is the native currency for the chain you're using.

Please ensure that whichever token you choose, you have enough of that asset to trade with. Your balance is shown below the input field (highlighted in blue above).

  1. Choose a token that you want to trade to in the "Exchanging To" section as shown above. Next, you'll want to type an amount for your "To" (highlighted in blue below) or "From" (highlighted in red below) currency by clicking inside the input boxes.

Your currency pairs will automatically update to show the estimated pairing amounts.

  1. Review the details, approve the tokens, and click the 'Swap' button to confirm.
  2. Done!