How to Use Farms

Using Farms

How to Participate in Farms

After acquiring liquidity pair tokens, you can proceed to the Earn tab on Croswap and stake your liquidity in the relevant farm.

Browse through the available farms and choose the one where you want to stake your liquidity. To see more information about a farm, click on the view details button which will take you to its dedicated page.

After accessing the details page, you will be able to review the staking mechanics, lock-in periods, and the breakdown of your rewards.

To stake, please enter the number of LP tokens you wish to offer and select a lock-in period. Farms that have lock-in periods enabled will provide different escrow ratios than the base ratios. The amount of CROS you receive in comparison to esCROS will increase depending on the length of the lock-in period. Once you have selected your lock-in period and are ready, click on 'Stake LP'.

You can harvest your earnings at any time, as long as you have enough gas to complete the transaction. If you decide to add or remove LP Tokens from the farm, your current harvest rewards will be collected along with the transaction.

NFT Staking

Our farms offer two NFT staking options: multi-staking and single-staking.

Single Staking

By staking a single-stake NFT, you can increase the amount of harvestable CROS depending on the NFT collection and the number of NFTs you stake.

Multi Staking

Staking a multi-stake NFT increases the amount of harvestable CROS and esCROS, with the specific amounts varying depending on the NFT collection.

What is Daily Percentage Rate (DPR)

A key metric for comparing returns, DPR is an asset’s DAILY rate of return that is obtained by dividing APR by 365.

What is Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

APR is the annual simple interest earned from an investment, including fees and other additional costs.