Staking Pools

Pool Types

Our ecosystem will include three different types of pools: standard pools, NFT pools, and CROS-emitting pools.

Standard Pools

Standard pools enable token holders to stake their tokens and receive rewards proportional to their stake. The amount of rewards received is scaled based on the amount of tokens staked relative to the total amount of tokens staked across the ecosystem for that pool. Rewards are emitted on a designated epoch or time basis.

Typically, pools are designed with an expiration date. These short-term promotions are intended to introduce new projects into the ecosystem.

NFT Pools

We offer the ability to stake specific NFT collections, such as our Cargo Hold Pool, to receive rewards. This feature is scalable and can be extended to support any NFT collections or third-party projects that wish to implement NFT staking.

CROS-Emitting Pools

The CROS/esCROS Emitting Pools will function similarly to farms, but instead of staking LP tokens, users can stake singular assets such as $CROS to earn rewards.