Community Raffle System

The Croswap Community Raffle System functions similar to a lottery, where a pool is filled up to a pre-determined level for each raffle type, and winners are rewarded based on the amounts in the pools. The raffles can be drawn multiple times per week or even multiple times a day, depending on user activity. This system is designed to encourage community participation and engagement, and we're excited to offer our users the opportunity to win rewards by simply being an active part of the Croswap community.

How it Works

It's important to note that the price per ticket and prize pool amounts will vary depending on the type of raffle being held. As an example in this whitepaper, we will use CROS as our raffle currency.

Raffle Payout Distribution

DistributionPayout %
Winning Ticket75%
Rolled into next prize pool5%
$CROS Raffle20% Burnt
$CARGO Raffle20% Rewards Vault
CargoHold NFTs Raffle20% Burnt
All Native/Stable Coin Raffles20% to form liquidity, perform buybacks and burns, or pay for business expenses.

Raffle Types:

TypeContest ThresholdPrice per TicketMaximum Number of Tickets Per RoundMax Tickets Per TX
$CROS Raffle10,000 $CROS100 $CROS9510
$CARGO Raffle1,000 $CARGO10 $CARGO9510
CargoHold NFT Raffle10 CargoHolds1 CargoHold101
$USDC Raffle1,000 $USDC10 $USDC9510
$CRO Raffle10,000 $CRO100 $CRO9510
$WETH Raffle0.3 $WETH0.003 $WETH9510

Please note that our raffles usually have a prize pool ranging from $200 to $400. As we support various networks, there may be multiple different options available for participating in the raffles.