In Battleship, you have the flexibility to challenge your friends to an exciting game or compete against the computer. The game also offers extra rewards that are based on the NFTs you hold, which can enhance your gameplay experience. In addition, by burning $CROS tokens, you can contribute to improving the game's ecosystem, making it even more engaging and enjoyable for players.

Game Mode Options

TypeWin ChanceLose ChanceBurn ChanceGame Play
Player Vs Player48%48%4%The 1st player creates a lobby and it remains open until a 2nd player joins the lobby (agrees to the wager).
Player Vs Computer48%48%4%Immediate

Minimum Wager:

  • 100 $CROS per player

Maximum Wager:

  • 1,000 $CROS per player

Earn Croswap Consumable Tokens

Whether you win or lose, if you own a Nodey NFT then you have a random chance to win some CSC tokens!

Winner Chance

Nodey HeldDrop ChancePrize Level
Obsidian10%100 CSC Tokens.
Gold5%100 CSC Tokens.
Silver5%10 CSC Tokens.
Bronze5%1 CSC Tokens.
None0%0 CSC Tokens.

Loser Chance

Nodey HeldDrop ChancePrize Level
Obsidian2%100 CSC Tokens.
Gold1%100 CSC Tokens.
Silver1%10 CSC Tokens.
Bronze1%1 CSC Tokens.
None0%0 CSC Tokens.