How to create a wallet

Create Your Wallet

To begin using Croswap, the first thing that you need to do is setup a wallet that supports EVM-compatible blockchains, i.e., Cronos, Arbitrum, or AVAX. The following recommendations are simple to set up and provide ease of use when performing blockchain operations.

Wallet Recommendations

  1. MetaMask
  2. CDC DeFi Wallet



MetaMask is our first recommendation for a cross-chain wallet solution. We have provided some quick and easy Safety and Security tips below.

What is a Secret Recovery Phrase and how do I back it up?

The use of a seed phrase, or Secret Recovery Phrase, is a standard most crypto-wallets use. It's generated randomly when you create a MetaMask account, which is unique, and serves to generate addresses.
When you create a MetaMask wallet, you are given your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase. MetaMask does not control any of your personal or private data on our servers. Everything is encrypted in your browser and protected via your MetaMask password. So, when you lose your MetaMask accounts, and need to restore MetaMask, you can only do that with your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Why should you store your Secret Recovery Phrase?

MetaMask is not a cloud-based solution. If your device breaks, is lost, stolen, or has data corruption, there is no way for the MetaMask Support team to recover this for you. This Secret Recovery Phrase is the only way to recover your MetaMask accounts.

Don’t share your Secret Recovery Phrase and private keys

Anyone who has your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys could send Ether or tokens from your accounts. Never share them with anyone, including the MetaMask team. Their team will never ask for you to provide this.
For additional tips on how to secure your MetaMask wallet, check out the MetaMask Support Site. This information comes directly from their website.

CDC DeFi Wallet

CDC DeFi Wallet

The CDC DeFi Wallet is our second recommendation to use, namely for the Cronos Chain.

For tips and information on how they handle security for their wallet application, check out the Security Information. This information comes directly from their website. created their own video walk-through regarding how to setup your wallet. You can watch that video below:
If you still need help after watching the video, please visit their FAQ page which takes you step by step through the setup process!

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