Universal Sustainable Growth Fund (USGF)

Our Universal Sustainable Growth Fund gives our team the ability to invest in new blockchain validators, stablecoin farms, and high-yield growth projects that span different blockchain networks. Even though the DeFi ecosystem is changing faster than ever, we are still committed to staying at the top and giving our community the most value possible.

Our USGF is allocated to several initiatives that foster ecosystem growth and value:

  • Marketing efforts to expand our reach and build awareness
  • Creation of Protocol-Owned Liquidity
  • Token buybacks to enhance ecosystem value
    • Focus on $CARGO buybacks for the reward vault, unless $CROS-specific buybacks and burns are required
  • Company Expenses as needed

Our USGF is funded through several sources:

  • 10% of all service fees from our NFT Marketplace
  • 20% of perpetual fees collected
  • 50% of royalties and mint funds from CroSwap NFT Collections
  • A portion of DEX trading fees
  • NFT Sporting Events
  • Raffles