Founders NFTs

Founders NFT

Our Croswap Founder's NFT Collection represents our top tier collection and is exclusively reserved for those who have supported us from the early stages of development and rollout.

Founders NFT Benefits

  • Whitelist access for ALL future Croswap/CroNavy Projects
  • Acts as a global NFT boost slot for Farms
    • 0.5% Boost for all $CROS based rewarding farms
  • Profit share % from service fees collected from the BMA ;) NFT Marketplace
  • Discounted Service Fees for trading NFTs via the BMA NFT Marketplace
  • Extra rewards when doing 'Invite to Earn' challenges
  • More will be revealed soon

Maximum Supply

  • There will only ever be 300 Founder's NFTs minted.
    • 130 were originally minted by supplying a minimum of 1,000 $USDC to our Community Development Fundraiser
    • The remaining 170 will be allocated to Blueprints