We plan to release more information soon regarding leverages, liquidation price calculations, and other details. At this time, we're not yet ready to share this information, but we'll keep our community updated as we progress.

Yield Opportunities

Staking CSX/esCSX:

  • Native Token - Rate of Return
  • As a reward, the associated escrow token - which is illiquid in escrow form and pegged to the perpetual token at a 1:1 value rate - is emitted.
  • Staked Perpetual Token Rewards

Staking CSIT:

  • Rewards are assigned on a weekly basis, with the amount proportional to your weighted stake. The specific amount of rewards will depend on the platform fees collected during that period.

Rate of Return

The rates of return for our platform are determined by the volume of fees collected from long and short positions on various currencies. This rate is variable and subject to change based on market conditions. It's worth noting that other platforms may display APR/DPR in an incorrect or misleading way, so we encourage our users to carefully consider all aspects of their investment decisions.