# CARGO Tokenomics

Published 2022-11-07

# Tokenomics

To ensure for long-term sustainability of $CARGO, we have re-worked the general mechanics of the token to provide liquidity acquisition as well as continuous circulation of $CARGO into the rewards vault aside from just minting CargoHold NFTs and claiming rewards.

$CARGO will have the following transaction Fees:

  • 4% Fee on Buys AND Sells
    • 2% is used to purchase $CROS and pair with $CARGO for LP.
    • 2% is used to send $CARGO into the Rewards Vault.

# Cargo Hold Pool (1,000,000 Supply)

You will have the ability to lock your CargoHold NFTs in the CargoHold Pool and earn $CARGO rewards by holding AND 'locking' them. The 1,000,000 $CARGO will be distributed over 360 days proportionally to CargoHold Holders who stake starting the day the update comes out.

NOTE: If you stake 180 days after the update is released, you'll only recieve rewards and lock your CargoHolds for the remaining 180 days that the pool is live.

Staking Fee for CargoHolds:

  • Base Fee: 50 $CRO per CargoHold
    • If you own a Nodey, this fee can be reduced based on the tier:
      • Obsidian: 5 $CRO (90% Reduction)
      • Gold: 37.5 $CRO (25% Reduction)
      • Silver: 40 $CRO (20% Reduction)
      • Bronze: 42.5 $CRO (15% Reduction)

Note: The reduction buff IS cumulative for the wallet. It is possible for the entry fee to be reduced by 90% total if you own multiple Nodey NFTs.


The $CARGO-$CROS Farm will leverage the base mechanics of a farm which include Time Locks and Optimizer.

  • Emissions for the $CARGO-$CROS farm will be in the form of $CROS to prevent inflating the $CARGO supply.

With the $CARGO-$CROS farm, there will be an additional means for boosting rewards with the Nodey The Whale NFT Collection.

CargoHold Role Prerequisite Role Cost Passive Boost %
Merchant 50+ CH 100 $CARGO 3.75%
Pirate 50+ HCH 200 $CARGO 7.25%
Magnate 50+ CH & 50+ HCH 300 $CARGO 11.25%
Tycoon 250+ CH/HCH 400 $CARGO 15%


  • CH = CargoHolds
  • HCH = Hijacked CargoHolds