# CROS Tokenomics

Published 2022-11-07

# Emission Rate

The Cronos Network has an average block time of 5.9 seconds. This means at 6 seconds per block, there are around ~14,400 blocks per day occurring on the Cronos Chain.

# Per Block

Metric Emission/Block (CROS) Emission/Day (CROS)
Emission 40 576,000
Burned 24 345,600
Effective Emission 230,400* 230,400*

# Distribution

Distributed to Reward/Block (% of emission) Reward/block (total CROS) Reward/Day
Pools 10.0% 2 28,800
Farms 3.0% 14 201,600
Daily CROS Emission 230,400

# Burn Mechanics

We will be implementing several deflationary aspects to $CROS in the form of burns. If you would like to know more about the effects this has, please read the FAQ section.

# Products with Burn Mechanics for CROS

  • Farms
    • With the time-locked farms update that we released, there is an inherent burn that takes place within' harvested rewards for users that have not locked their LP tokens for atleast 180 days.
    • With our upcoming optimizer update, there will be a burn introduced through the performance fee.
  • NFT Marketplace
    • For every sale on the NFT marketplace, there is a 2.5% service fee included. A portion of this fee will be used to buy and burn CROS. For more information, read the Service Fee section for the NFT marketplace!
  • Public Launchpads
    • A portion of the fees made from public launchpads are used to buy and burn CROS. For more information on our launchpads, click here!


# What does it mean if our supply is Deflationary?

Deflationary tokens have a total supply that decreases over the course of time. Within the CROS ecosystem, there are several aspects that may trigger a "burn" of tokens. Removing tokens from supply, gives the remaining tokens a higher value since the tokens are now more scarce.

You can read more here about what triggers a CROS burn and how it benefits the ecosystem.

# Calculating the CROS Supply

We supply an API endpoint to provide the total supply as well as the circulating supply for CROS.

You can also check the block explorer and see how much CROS is held by the burn address in order to do your own calculations.

# API Endpoints

Circulating Supply

Total Supply