# Farms

Published 2022-04-18

# What are Farms?

Farms are designed to lock in specific Liquidity Pairs to help CroSwap maintain and grow overall liquidity backing. CroSwap will reward holders that stake their LP tokens. Rewards are scaled based on the amount of LP tokens a holder has committed relative to the overall amount of LP tokens staked across the ecosystem for that specific farm.

As our farms have been written in EIP-2535, we have the ability to modify Farm emissions without needing to re-deploy contracts.

# How to Use Farms?

How to Use Farms

# Reward Calculations

  • Farm rewards are emitted by block and are allocated to each farm based on the Multiplier assigned to the pool.
    • For Example:
      • The Multiplier for a farm is the weight of the overall emissions allocated to the pool. For the initial launch of CroSwap, the number assigned to the Multiplier is divided by 1000 to determine the percentage of emitted rewards. So for a Multiplier of 250X divided by 1000 has a percentage of emitted rewards of 25.0%.
  • In future as we add more farms the value of denominator will increase based on the weight assigned to the new farm.
    • For Example:
      • If a new farm is added with a Multiplier of 10 the overall denominator will be 1010. This means the rewards for the existing farm with a Multiplier of 250 will now have an effective rewards percentage of 24.75%.

# NFT Mechanics

  • Staking Rewards:
    • You can stake up to 3 Quartermaster NFTs in select Farms.
    • Each NFT that is staked will give you a 2% boost, for a maximum boost of 6%.

# How can my project get involved?

Feel free to reach out to us via email: [email protected]