# Harbors

Published 2022-04-18

# Harbor Token

Symbol: HBR

Max Supply: 5,000,000

Fee Structure: View Here

# What is a yield optimizer?

A yield optimizer is an automated service that strives for maximum possible returns on crypto-investments, much more efficiently than attempting to maximize yield through manual means.

Each harbor has its own unique strategy for farming, which normally involves the reinvestment of crypto assets staked in liquidity pools. At the simplest level, it farms the rewards given from staked assets and reinvests them back into the liquidity pool. This process increases the compounded yield as it is now calculated on both the amount staked as well as the interest that has been received.

Compounding fees are remunerated among all harbor participants, making it less-expensive for each individual user.

# Harbor Tokenomics

Coming Soon

# Fee Structure

There are two types of fees that are involved in Harbors: a performance fee as well as a early-claim fee.

# Performance Fee

Coming Soon

# Early Claim Fee

Harbors have a 0.5% withdrawal fee for the first 72 hours after your initial deposit. The purpose for this fee is to prevent possible exploits and liquidity sniping. Without the fee, someone could deposit right before the rewards are given and withdraw immediately after, taking a percentage of the rewards generated by legitimate stakers. This 0.5% withdrawal fee is kept in the harbor and shared amongst harbor funds.

# NFT Mechanics

The Quartermaster NFT Collection provides several benefits toward using our Harbors.

  • Staking Rewards:
    • You can stake up to 5 Quartermaster NFTs in select Harbors.
    • Each NFT that is staked will give you a 2% boost, for a maximum boost of 10%.
  • Scaling Early Claim Fee Reduction:
    • Harbors have a 0.5% early claim fee set by default for the first 72 hours after staking liquidity.
    • If you have staked a Quartermaster NFT in the selected Harbor, you will have a fee reduction of 0.1%, every 12 hours.
    • The benefit for the early claim fee reduction is not stacked.
Hours Since Staked w/Quartermaster NFT Early Claim Tax %
0 to 12 .5%
12 to 24 .4%
24 to 36 .3%
36 to 48 .2%
48 to 60 .1%
60+ .0%