# Launchpad

Published 2022-09-12

# Launchpad Services

CroSwap offers two separate launchpad services: An official CroNavy launchpad and a public launchpad service.

# Official CroNavy Launchpad

The official CroNavy launchpad will be used when we introduce any new projects to our ecosystem. These projects are directly owned and managed by our team.

Read more about this here.

# Public Launchpad Service

We are offering a decentralized launchpad that allows users to launch their own tokens and create their own initial token sales via our platform. Users who use our platform will be able to automatically pair their liquidity with CroSwap and other popular DEX platforms while providing the ability to lock liquidity and add optional vesting periods for their tokens.

Our goal with offering a public, decentralized launchpad service is to help grow the Cronos network while providing a safe environment for all of our investors. We will be expanding this service into other networks after the initial release. We will also be implementing a strict KYC procedure to deter dangerous and deceptive behavior from using our platform.

Read more about this here.