# NFT Marketplace

Published 2022-04-18

The NFT marketplace will be used for trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Cronos Network. Using CRO, Cronos's native token, you can buy and sell NFTs peer-to-peer with other members of the Cronos community.

Our marketplace will also serve as a launch pad for new NFT collections with the ability to customize collections, NFT smart contract services, the ability to mint NFTs, or simply engage with other NFT enthusiasts.

# Launchpad

Collection creators will be able to apply for the NFT Launchpad and utilize our platform for their release. Our marketplace will host their collection and provide the tools necessary for a proper launch.

# Security

Our marketplace will undergo 3rd party smart-contract audits for all upgrades and modifications.

# Community

We take community engagement and feedback seriously. Given the velocity of change in the crypto environment, we see the value of working through development directions with our valued community members. What originally made sense in a white paper a month ago could dramatically change when we start coding for launch (e.g. the development of new tools or processes).

When appropriate, we will engage the community to gather feedback on developer proposals, either through spot surveys in our Discord or through Web3 voting on the website. For directional voting on the website, holders of the $CROS token will have a weighted voice depending on the amount of tokens held.

# Service Fees

For every sale on the NFT marketplace, we take a 2.5% service fee which is split up as follows:

  • 1% is used to buy CROS and burn it.
  • 1% is sent into the CroSwap Treasury.
  • 0.5% is sent into the USGF.

If you own a CroSwap Founders or Obsidian Nodey NFT, the 0.5% service fee that is sent into the USGF is removed.

# Node Navy NFTs

All Node Navy NFT collections will be traded exclusively via our NFT marketplace. This allows us to fully customize our collections based on any utilities that are added in the future.