# Quartermaster (QM)

Published 2022-11-07

# General NFT Utilities & Information

The Quartermaster Collection will have trading enabled on Ebisu's Bay's NFT Marketplace once the mint has been initiated!

The collection will have a 10% Royalty on all NFT sales with the following allocation:

  • 50% sent to the CroSwap Fees Wallet (Company Treasury)
  • 50% used to perform CroSwap BB&Bs (Common Algorithm, that also allows for $CARGO purchases if warranted).

# Early Access

Gain exclusive access to any CroSwap related NFT Collections that are released in the future as long as you're holding a Quartermaster NFT.

# Bounty Program

There are 5 Bounty NFTs will randomly mint throughout the collection. If you happen to mint one of these Bounty NFTs, you will be sent 25,000 $CRO straight to your wallet.

  • If you were randomly selected to receive a Bounty NFT, you will still receive the Quartermaster NFT at mint.

# CroSwap Utility Benefits

# Yield Farming

The QuarterMasters will give you the ability to boost your ROI by increasing your harvest rewards in selected farms. This will also work in tandem with our optimizer update upon release.

  • You will be able to stake up to 5 QM NFTs per selected farm depending on your time lock settings:
    • 0 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to two QM’s for that farm
    • 45 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to three QM’s for that farm
    • 90 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to four QM’s for that farm
    • 180 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to five QM’s for that farm
  • Each QM NFT that is staked will give you a 2% boost to your harvest rewards for a maximum boost of 10% of the base amount.
    • For example: If a farm has pending harvest rewards of 100 $CROS and you have staked 5 QM NFTs, the amount of your harvest rewards will be 110 $CROS.

# Minting Details for Quartermaster

  • Total Supply: 10,000
  • Mint Date: November 28th, 2022
  • Mint Time: 8 PM EST
  • Mint capacity: You can mint 5 NFTs per tx.
  • Pricing Scale:
    • Founder's NFT Holders:
      • Whitelisted
      • First 10 Mints: 225 $CRO
      • Additional Mints (unlimited): 250 $CRO
    • Nodey The Whale NFT Holders:
      • Mint Price: 250 $CRO
        • If you win a whitelist spot AND a Nodey:
          • First 10 Mints: 225 $CRO
          • Additional Mints (unlimited): 250 $CRO
    • Whitelist:
      • First 10 mints: 225 $CRO
      • Additional Mints (unlimited): 300 $CRO
    • Public Sale:
      • Mint Price: 300 $CRO