# Oracle Service

Published 2022-04-18

# Oracles

CroSwap will provide Oracles for the Cronos Blockchain.

# What is a Blockchain Oracle?

A Blockchain Oracle is a third-party service that connects smart contracts with the 'real' world.

Why are oracles useful:

  • Not all data elements that are needed for a project can be contained within a smart contract.
  • Some data elements should not be included within a smart contract for security purposes.
  • Gas fees may be prohibitively expensive to include certain data points within a smart contract.

CroSwap Oracles create a bridge between smart contracts and external data sources allowing project developers to expand feature functionality while reducing transactional costs.

# Supported Oracles

# Verified Random Functions (VRF)

Normal random number generators can be hacked. A random number generator on a publicly available smart contract can be easily hacked since all data is present on the blockchain. Our CroSwap Verifiable Random Functions oracle provides projects with the ability to generate random numbers that are secure and unpredictable.

# Market & Data Feeds

CroSwap provides projects the ability to pull data from data aggregators versus using more costly calls to a blockchain.