# How to Stake in Pools

Published 2022-04-18

# How to Participate in a Pool

Once you have the required token for a pool, you will be able to go to the Pools tab in CroSwap and Stake your tokens in the appropriate pool.

  • Enter the number of Tokens that you wish to stake and click Confirm. You will see CROS Earned refresh upwards of 2 to 3 times per minute if you have staked enough tokens to generate rewards. For smaller stakes, it may take a much longer time period to see a change in CROS Earned.

  • Your earnings can be harvested at any time provided you have the gas necessary to complete the transaction. If you elect to add or remove tokens from the pool then your current earnings will be harvested as well as part of the transaction.

  • Some pools will have a time limit on them in the form of blocktime. Each block on the Cronos network is around ~6 seconds.

    • EX: If there is a pool with the blocktime remaining of '100 blocks', that means the pool has 10 minutes of active time to produce rewards.

# What is “Annual Percentage Yield” (APY)

A key metric for comparing returns, APY is an asset’s annualized rate of return that factors in the accrued compound interest.

# What is “Annual Percentage Rate” (APR)

APR is the annual simple interest earned from an investment, including fees and other additional costs.