$CROS is the primary utility token of the Croswap platform.

Earn $CROS from Yield Farms and Pools, buy it on our exchange, and explore its use cases:

  • Use $CROS in our ecosystem games and events
  • Stake $CROS in Pools or Yield Farms to earn rewards
  • Migrate $CROS across multiple networks to take advantage of all the networks we support
  • Convert $CROS into $esCROS for the ability to earn real yield rewards from revenue generated by our products

Supply Emissions

Croswap has taken a different approach compared to other DEX tokens by realizing that traditional emission models may not effectively combat inflation, especially as our CROS token expands into new markets. We've learned from the mistakes of others and have developed a more advanced solution. As network traffic and economic conditions change, relying solely on buybacks may not be sufficient. That's why we've implemented a unique model that takes into account various factors to ensure the stability and sustainability of our token. With this innovative approach, we're confident in our ability to provide a superior trading experience for our users.

At Croswap, we're committed to maintaining a stable DPR/APR to build liquidity, prevent oversupply of our token, and preserve our single-supply model, which is patent pending. To achieve this goal, we're taking steps to significantly reduce supply inflation, which is crucial for the long-term sustainability of our token economy. Our innovative approach and forward-thinking strategy set us apart from other DEXs, and we're excited to continue working towards creating a better trading experience for our users.

Croswap takes a unique approach to token supply by utilizing a fixed emission rate based on our scaling system, even though we don't have a technical cap for the total supply. This approach ensures the sustainability of our token by reducing supply inflation and maintaining a stable reward system for our users. Our innovative model sets us apart from other DEXs, and we're confident that our approach will help us continue to provide a superior trading experience for our users.

Read more about our farm and pool emissions here.

Burn Mechanics

Deflationary tokens have a unique characteristic where their total supply decreases over time. In the CROS ecosystem, we have several mechanisms in place that can trigger a 'burn' of tokens, effectively removing them from circulation. By reducing the total supply of tokens, the remaining tokens become more scarce and valuable, which can lead to price appreciation. We're committed to exploring and implementing innovative solutions that help create a sustainable and thriving token economy for our users.

Products with Burn Mechanics for CROS

  • $CARGO Token Economics
    • A portion of the $CARGO Token Economics burns $CROS on any buys/sells that occur on the token.
  • Battleship
    • There is a chance that all $CROS in a game will be burned.
  • NFT Marketplace
    • For every sale on the NFT marketplace, there is a service fee included. A portion of this fee will be used to buy and burn CROS.
  • $CROS Raffle
    • For every $CROS raffle lobby that is completed, 20% of the $CROS in the prize pool is burnt.
  • Sporting NFT Events
    • For all sporting NFT Events, there is a portion that is allocated to the USGF that is specifically used for buybacks and burns.