$CARGO, previously $CRON, is our chain-exclusive token for the Cronos network.

Acquire $CARGO through ownership of CargoHolds, staking CargoHolds, purchasing it on Croswap, and discover its various use cases:

  • Stake it in Farms to earn rewards
  • Get access to P2E/P2B products
  • Get discounts using our products
  • Get Croswap consumables by using CARGO specific features

Supply Allocation

  • We have allocated 1,000,000 $CARGO for the initial release, rewards, and liquidity provision.
  • We have allocated 1,000,000 $CARGO for the CargoHold Staking Pool, which will be minted linearly over the course of one year.

Token Economics

In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of $CARGO, we have implemented a range of strategies such as acquiring liquidity, promoting continuous circulation of $CARGO into the rewards vault, and offering various revenue-generating products within our ecosystem. These measures enable us to perform buybacks and contribute to the rewards vault, which helps to create a healthy and sustainable token economy for $CARGO.

$CARGO has the following transaction fees:

  • 4% Fee on buys and sells
    • 2% is sent into the CargoHolds Rewards Vault
    • 2% of the transaction fee is used to obtain $CROS. All of the received $CROS tokens are automatically burned, reducing their circulating supply.
  • No Tax on token transfers


The $CARGO-$CROS Farm will leverage the fundamental mechanics of farming protocols, including Time Locks and Optimizers. To avoid inflating the $CARGO supply, the farm will issue $CROS/$esCROS tokens as rewards. Additionally, participants can boost their rewards by utilizing the CargoHold Roles within the $CARGO-$CROS Farm ecosystem.

CargoHold RolePrerequisiteRole CostPassive Boost %
Merchant50+ CH100 $CARGO3.75%
Pirate50+ HCH200 $CARGO7.25%
Magnate50+ CH & 50+ HCH300 $CARGO11.25%
Tycoon250+ CH/HCH400 $CARGO15%
  • CH = CargoHolds
  • HCH = Hijacked CargoHolds