To ensure the long-term sustainability of our network in the face of changing market conditions and network expansions, we have developed a new emissions model that will benefit our entire ecosystem. By splitting rewards emissions between our DEX utility token (CROS) and an escrow token (esCROS), we are promoting both immediate liquidity and long-term value creation.

Croswap's Escrow Token (esCROS) serves two important purposes. First, it helps limit immediate supply inflation, which in turn allows for price, DPR, and APR appreciation. Second, esCROS can be vested in a vault to gradually transform into CROS over time, ensuring that only committed holders benefit from the value created. This approach has been successful in other products, and we're confident that it will help us create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for our users.

Under our emission plan, the majority of emissions will be in the form of esCROS, which benefits both our existing and new network participants. Additionally, we're excited to provide CROS token holders on existing networks with the opportunity to leverage our CROS bridge. By providing enough tokens to ensure proper market conditions on new networks, we're committed to creating a seamless trading experience for our users across different platforms.

In summary, our new emissions model promotes both short-term liquidity and long-term sustainability, benefiting our entire ecosystem and creating long-term value for all holders.

You can earn escrowed CROS (shown as $esCROS) by taking part in Yield Farms and Pools.

You can also obtain escrowed CROS by converting your regular CROS tokens.

Discover the various use cases of $esCROS:

  • Vested to become real $CROS tokens over a period of 180 days.
  • Vested to become $CSX tokens over a period of 360 days.


It's important to note that the Escrow Token ($esCROS) doesn't have immediate liquidity and can only be vested in a vault to gradually convert into CROS tokens over time. This mechanism ensures that committed holders are rewarded for their loyalty and patience, and that the value of CROS tokens is preserved over the long term. We believe that this approach creates a more sustainable and stable ecosystem for our users and sets us apart from other DEXs.

$esCROS Vesting Period:

Vesting Window (in days)Value
<300% (Unable to convert)
3050% Vested
3551.67% Vested
6060% Vested
9070% Vested
12080% Vested
15090% Vested
180+100% Vested